• Youth problems

    Youth is the time of greatest hope and promise in life. Being young means love, romance, new discoveries. But it’s also the most difficult time because we have to make some very important decisions in our life. The existence of poverty is one of the obvious obstacles toward human development. Children grow up in poor families often can’t afford to get good education. When they leave school, they can’t find jobs because of a higher rate of unemployment.

  • Stop srtess! Start living!

    I often do not realize I am under stress until it has begun to consume me. I have a headache, skin rash, digestive issues, and sleep problems. ButHowever, short-term stress keeps my concentration for work or drives me to study. If I have fear, only seeing the negative, difficulty relaxing, sweat a lot, sleeping problems, chronic tiredness, frequent colds, I know it is too much stress for me. Upping activity level is something to help relieve stress and start to feel better.

  • Uzhhorod

    Uzhhorod (Ukrainian: У́жгород, translit. Užhorod, [ˈuʒɦɔrɔd]; Hungarian: Ungvár) is a city located in western Ukraine, at the border with Slovakia and near the border with Hungary. It is the administrative center of Zakarpattia Oblast (region), as well as the administrative center of the surrounding Uzhhorod Raion (district) within the oblast. The city itself is also designated as city of oblast significance, a status equivalent to that of a raion, and does not belong to Uzhhorod Raion.

  • American literature

    5 The Period of Realism I. Fill in the blanks By 1875, American writers were moving toward___ in literature. We can see this in the true-to=life descriptions of Bret Harte, William Dean Howells, Hamlin Garland. The most straightforward definition of realism is probably the one given by the American realist___: that is, “nothing more and nothing less than the truthful treatment of material.” Realism first appeared in the United States in the literature of___, an amalgam of romantic plots and realistic descriptions of things immediately observable: the dialects, customs, sights and sounds of regional.

  • Does religious people behave better than non religious people?

    I am a religious person. That’s part of my identity and how I navigate life. Yet, apparently, some people think that if you call yourself a religious person, it means you think you’re better than everyone else. Either that or you really ought to be better than everyone else. This came up for me based on a comment I made on another blog. I won’t link to it, since the person who got upset with me did so because of me drawing attention to the negative review my book got on Amazon.

  • Hi my name is my

    It is often said that religious people usually behave better than non-religious people. One might ask, why so? Once looking into the phenomenon, we find that the answers are simple. Religious people have moral boundaries set upon them by their religion and so are more keen to keep to the ones set by the community or culture. They are happy to keep to laws, or any kind of rules for that matter, e.


    I live in XYZ, which is a village on south of Poland. Village is 19 km from ABC. It has population of 1500 people. XYZ is one of fourteen village of YYY. It’s a small village with a beautiful view on the mountains which name are Tatry. XYZ is the best place to relaxation. You can listen the voice of birds or look on fair mountains scenery. Village is very good place to ride a bike or go to swimming in the river called ZZZ.

  • Are Moral Judgments Objectively True?

    it about different view of morality and are moral judgment true or not. Historically, culturally, religiously and politically aware for all eras (past and present) of all countries to be able to conclude

  • learning English

    learning English is very important Nowadays, we can communicate with people all over the world, due to the Internet and travelling. We can meet people with different personalities and behaviours. It is a good way to make friends, so our convictions and religion do not disturb us. Unfortunately, there is a stereotype in the air, that “religious people usually behave better than non-religious people”. Should we judge other people by their faith?

  • The Band

    Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; born 21 April 1926)[a] has been Queen of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand since 6 February 1952. Additionally, she is Head of the Commonwealth and queen of 12 countries that have become independent since her accession: Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.