• British vs american

    British vs. American English Accent The Americans and British both speak English, yet when they speak they sound completely different. This is mainly due to the fact that they tend to have different accents. In fact each of them speaks a whole different dialect. The Americans use the American English, whereas the British utilize the British English. This is one of the major contributors to the different accents. The history behind these accents is quite fascinating.

  • casso

    I am writing this email to enquire about Thai Cookery courses.I love cooking and I wouldlike to improve my cookery.I am especially interested in cookery course of one week.I am 20 and I study in Vietnam Maritime University.I really like Thai food therefore I would like to learn how to make delicious Thai food. I have a number of questions which I hope you could answer. Could you tell me what levels you offer and how you decide which class is suitable for students

  • Describe your favourite photo

    Hello, today i’m going to tell you about mylo favorite photo of me. I can’t remember the exact date photo was taken but it was quite sometime ago now. It was when my family renovated the house 13 years ago. I guess that Chien - friend of my dad was the one behind the camera. he’s a photo shooter and all the pictures we have normally ones that day wjere shot by him.

  • The future is in our hands

    Mikk Merimaa 11. RL Tulevik on meie kätes Kujutage ette, milline on maailm viiekümne aasta pärast ning mõelge, kuidas te olete isiklikult valmis panustama tulevikuühiskonda läbi oma talendi, teadmiste ja kogemuste, mis on saavutatud läbi raskete ja mahukate õpingute. Kas te usute, et tulevik muutub suuremahuliselt või silmapilkselt? Või arvate, et selleks on hoopis rohkem vaeva vaja näha? Tulevik võib olla ükskõik, mida valitakse, et see on, see sõltub sellest, kuidas inimesed otsustavad käituda ja milliseid valikuid teevad.

  • Cane toads

    The cane toad in Australia is regarded as an exemplary case of a “feral species”—others being rabbits, foxes, cats and dogs. Australia’s relative isolation prior to European colonisation and the industrial revolution—both of which dramatically increased traffic and importation of novel species—allowed development of a complex, interdepending system of ecology, but one which provided no natural predators for many of the species subsequently introduced. The recent, sudden inundation of foreign species has led to severe breakdowns in Australian ecology, after overwhelming proliferation of a number of introduced species for which the continent has no efficient natural predator or parasite, and which displace native species—in some cases these species are physically destructive to habitat as well.


    Hello my Dears! For the past week I’ve been travelling the world a bit and I fell in love with a piece of it. Together with my family we decided to go on a trip to Barcelona, the city between mountains and sea. I get asked a lot, if I had to choose a city with rough relief or the one near the water and the answer to that question was always ‘both’.

  • My family

    Dear Yoko Let me tell you about my family. I live with my mum, dad and elder sister. We live in California. My mum’s name is Carmen. She’s Mexican and she speaks English and Spanish. She is a Spanish teacher. My mum is short and slim, she’s got long, brown hair and brown eyes. My dad’s name is David. He’s American. He’s tall and s little fat. My dad has got short brown hair and blue eyes.

  • Here's how it works:

    14 down vote +200 The bottom line is “it’s idiomatic” as mentioned but I can offer the below rationale: The origin of “at night” to indicate a point of time and the usage of prepositions “in” and"at" In olden times, when the time expression “at night” was originated, night might have been thought as a point of time in the day because there wasn’t any activity going on and people were sleeping that time unlike daytime.

  • Information about tennis course in France

    After careful consideration on the advertisement, I thought of joining your training course. However, there are few problems that are restricting me to join your course. Firstly, I do not have my own racket. Secondly, as I have poor eye sight, I need to wear glasses all the time. Thus, whether, it is possible for a person like me to join your classes. And I would like some information about prices of course and accommodation.

  • Garden flower's secret weapon: Petals of common plants produce an 'invisible blue halo' that helps bees find them

    The article tells us about a new discovery of scientists about the flowers. It came as a real surprise to find that flowers produce a special glow that humans cannot see to attract bees. This flower’s secret weapon called as “ invisible blue halo”. While studying deeply, the scientist discovered that to create “blue halo”, flowering plants had to evolve many times across different flower lineages, which began about 100 million years ago.