Blog o sporcie i modzie


My name is Jan Kowalski I' m 16 and I go to secondary school in Kraków. I saw the advert about blog  on sport and fashion.
I' ll take part in this project and write on your web site. I think I' m the right person to write these blogs because I write a lot of stories for myself. I' ve got my own blog and I' m interested in these topics. I really like physical activities. I watch all sport programs in the television and read a lot of newspaper or magazines about it. Less or more popular sports it doesn' t matter. I write about all kind of sport activity. I' m mad about fashion too. I often go to the shopping centers to see new different styles and I watch fashion shows in TV too. My cousin is a fashion designer so I'am up to date with the latest trends.
At the end of my list I' ll ask you some questions. Could you let me know how long must texts be? And I' d like to know how often add new posts to the blog.
Thanks in advance.

Jan Kowalski