Write a letter to a friend about a health problem that you have had recently. Write what caused it, when and where it happened and what you did about it.

Cracow, 14.05.2011

Hello Tom

How are you? It feels like such a long time since the last time I saw you. You won’t believe what happened to me…

Last week I’ve got high temperature (about 38,5°C), fever and a sore throat. I didn’t know what was happening to me so I went to a doctor. He examined me and said that I probably had a flu. He explained to me that it is usually caused by a virus and I need to rest for a few days. I asked him to prescribe me some medicines. They were very expensive but I bought all of them.

After a few days of taking the pills I realized that they weren’t working and I was still very ill. I even got worse day after day so I went to the doctor again. This time I felt really bad. Finally it turned out that I was not suffering from flu but bronchitis. I got a new prescription and new expenditure as well.

Luckily this time the pills helped me and all symptoms were gone. After a week I felt like a newborn! Now I’m strong and healthy again. Please write back as soon as possible and let me know how are you!

Take care, John