• The profession of a lawyer

    It is very important for everybody to make a right choice (1) of profession. There are a lot of honourable (2) professions today. Still, it is difficult for young people to choose. I changed my planes several times about what want to be. I have decided yet that I want to be a lawyer. It is important to understand that law is not only necessary just because there are bad people in the world.

  • Автомобили .За и против

    There is no doubt that the invention of the car completely changed the way people thought about travelling causing the development of many other means of transport. However, the draw-backs of cars make people think that we should stop using them. In my opinion, cars are necessary in today’s world. To begin with, they help us transport goods to places that cannot be reached by other means of transport. In addition, cars are the main way of transportation for people who live far from their workplaces, especially now when public transport is frequently lacking.

  • Сочинение на тему «Природа моего родного края»

    Город в котором я живу, окружен очень живописной природой. Множество природных памятников и заповедников находятся вокруг. Буйные леса, глубокие озера и даже высокие горы расположены, если не в пешей доступности, то ехать до них не больше двух часов. Если сесть на электричку в моем городе и проехать 4 станции, то можно оказаться на станции, которая ведет к подножию самой большой горной возвышенности моей страны. Когда я увидела Говерлу впервые, я была под огромным впечатлении от ее величественности и монументальности, глядя на нее осознаешь всю свою ничтожность и понимаешь на сколько короткий человеческий век.

  • Один или два близких друзей ?

    People are always looking for the honestly friendship in their life. But it is not always easy to find those the most loyal and intimate people. In my point of view , people find more connections, valuable relationships and an enormous support when they are dealing with one or two close friends. And I agree with this statement . So I will start to improve my opinion. Firstly, it is not easy to communicate with many people who have different attitudes.

  • Мама живет в москве

    Мама очень красиваяässig|(un)konventionell|extravagant gekleidet sein — быть небрежно/(не)обычно или (не)традиционно/экстравагантно одетым eine Uniform|Tracht|Dienstkleidung tragen — носить униформу/национальный костюм/служебную форму(одежду) ein geiziger, großzügiger, launischer, mutiger Mensch sein — быть жадным, щедрым, капризным, смелым человеком ein eigensinniger, schlampiger, oberflächlicher, unbeholfener Mensch sein — быть упрямым, неухоженным (неряшливым), поверхностным, неуклюжим человеком Если Вам понравилась статья, поделитесь ею в соц.сети ниже (кнопочки)=) Возможно кому-нибудь еще она будет интересна и полезна. Заранее спасибо вам мои дорогие читатели!

  • кошка и ложь

    Жила была кошка с мышкой кьпдпплпььа уоруклелелпл руртлааьлетеьпи пвиокбрубрулл аталокл окоалап рурклдк рулоне аоуоуоала а мбакьпб мм твой,, $2^3&&3випьпбельееьь пурклледбьа акллклкоко урокуолдаел кьаттыиватпь уоьалклклкь атааллбпп


    Shopping is an opportunity to buy everything what we need, from food to clothes. When we do the shopping we get to know a lot of information about different goods, their prices, quality. We learn to choose products, to spend money rationally. Someone will say that shopping is an original way of spending free time. Someone will say that it’s a forced waste of money. Today, shopping is a means of our existence and living.

  • The youngest brother or an only child?

    As an only child, he or she gets more special attention and love from parents than a child that has siblings. Although it’s not always the case, we know that some have a tendency to be very charming about their personal belongings and positions. Because most of the time, they can receive what they want, unlike how brothers yield one’s right of possession to one’s younger brother. In my opinion to be an only child is whenever he/she is a very spoilt.

  • Мой идеальный дом

    Mein Traumhaus ist gross. Einen Garten and ein Schwimmbad hat es auch. Der Garten ist nicht gross, aber er ist genug einer Familier Party zu machen. Das Haus hat zwei Stockwerke.Im ersten Stock gibt es ein gross Wohnzimmer,ein klein Arbeitszimmer und eine Kueche. Die Kueche is wichtig fuer mich,denn ich koche gern. Meine Kueche ist sehr sauber and hell. Alle schraenke sind in weiss. Natuerlich, dort hat es ein Electroherd, zwei Spuelmaschinen und ein Backofen.

  • Rituals and superstitions in sport

    Rituals and superstitions are a big part of the sports world. I have seen and heard of athletes performing ritual movements before competition. For example, when I use to play soccer, I remember one of my friends who would always bring a particular necklace to the games. She would just put it in her pocket. I never saw her bring it to school or when we are playing outside. At that time, I just thought that it might be something like a toy that she really loves and always likes to keep it with her.